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Dealing With the Emerald Ash Borer

If you live in southern Ontario you’ve probably heard of the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB); a pest that has been slowly destroying the ash tree population in our area since 2002. So far they have killed tens of millions of trees and it is estimated that this scourge will kill most of the 8.7 billion ash trees that can be found throughout North America.

How Does The Emerald Ash Borer Kill Trees?

This beetle, native to Asia, has been aggressively taking down ash trees for almost twenty years. Its larvae tunnel through the tree’s cambium (the layer under the bark) into its vascular system. They then destroy the trees ability to draw in water, nutrients and sugars and disperse them throughout the tree. Once the EAB attacks a tree there is almost a 100% mortality rate and a once health tree will usually be dead within 2-5 years.

How can you tell if your trees are infected? Trees that are affected by the beetle will exhibit certain signs; but these symptoms only appear once the tree is heavily infested by the EAB. They may have thinning crowns, patches throughout the tree’s canopy that lack leaves or have yellowing leaves, dead branches or the sprouting of epicormics shoots. It is also common for the trunk of the tree to begin showing a distinctive serpentine pattern as the EAB burrow and feed off of the food.

What To Do After You’ve Lost Your Ash Trees to the EAB

Many people have had to remove their once beautiful trees because of this beetle. And this can change the look and feel of their property completely. At Sequoia TreeScape we not only remove infested trees but our knowledgeable staff can advise about the best trees to plant to fill the void your ash trees have left.

We can give an assessment based on soil, shade conditions, and location as to which trees are best suited for your unique situation. As well as advising which trees will grow quickly if you are looking to get your property back to picturesque as swiftly as possible.

And if you live in York Region there is actually a tree replacement program and incentive currently going on. You can apply for their offered rebate and replace your tree with a brand new healthy species for as little as $50. For more information on this program and how you can get your new tree click here.

If you are dealing with the EAB at your property don’t hesitate to contact us at Sequoia TreeScape. We can provide you a  free estimate of the best way to deal with it. We offer fast and professional service within the York region. For more on our services check us out on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Contact us today.

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