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Golf Course Tree Care

Trees influence the game of golf in many ways. They frame the course, and define the field of play; challenging golfers to choose their strategies for how to play each and every hole. Not only do trees offer golfers privacy and seclusion from adjoining tees, fairways, and greens, but they also protect golfers, homes, buildings, and cars from errant golf shots.

If you are the property manager of a golf course than you understand that trees provide considerable value and aesthetic appeal to any golf course. When a golfer stands on a tee and views your golf course trees, what does he see? Does the landscape create a sense of invitation, a captivation by the natural beauty of the trees framing the course that can only result from being cared for properly? Or have un-managed trees grown over the years into ordinary backdrops now ignored by the eye?

Hiring the Right Company

Golf course property management is a huge undertaking. Hiring an arborist that understands that golf is business, and that the trees have to encourage players to choose your course over other courses is important. Sequoia TreeScape has the experience and ability to train your trees to grow into magnificent works of art, adding value to your fairways and greens. We understand that trees exposed to indirect light can become confused, affecting their growing behavior, and need assistance look natural again. We know how to artistically prune a golf course tree’s crown to not only improve the health but also its presence; understanding exactly which tree branches to remove within the tree canopy, and which to leave. This results in a tree that will grow into a visually appealing shape for years to come.

A properly pruned tree becomes a sculpture along the fairway as areas of sky peek through the leaves to contrast with the foliage, catching the attention of golfers who pass by and marvel at it. Proper crown thinning exposes the artistic shapes primary branches to the eye and shows off the tree trunk. When the sunlight penetrates the tree to light up the foliage in dramatic ways, a tree previously lost along a golf course fairway is now spotlighted to become a focal point when viewed from the fairway.

Proof is in the Pudding

Sequoia TreeScape has had the opportunity to work with a number of golf courses over the last few years. We’ve helped them deal with tree issues such as the Ash borer, or removing trees that have been impeding the beauty and sight lines of the course outline. Check out our latest Golf Course Tree Care page for more information on work we’ve completed and what we could do for your golf course.

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Certified Arborist

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