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I like Muscle Cars, But What’s a Search Engine??

Here is my first attempt at writing a blog. I am told it will help increase traffic to my website via subscript in the structure of the website. If you don’t know what that means, welcome to the club! If you know what that means….you probably were driven to my website based on its high standing on Google, do to the organic way that a blog increases my search presence. Ok I can breathe now…

As this is my first ever blog, I thought I’d talk about why I am even writing a blog. The bottom line is that the Internet, Google, and smart phones have changed everything about searching for help and services. We’ve gone from the phone book, to, to Google searches. Since the majority of my clients have also followed suit with the wave of technology, it only makes sense that I must follow it as well.

I still do paper flyer mail outs, mostly in the Markham area. They do bring in a good response, but I must also be visible and accessible online. That is why I have retained the services of a very capable Internet marketing company. I am heading down the road more travelled (as many colleagues and competition are right with me online) and am leaning on my marketing company to guide me in the ways I need to go, to separate myself from others online. I know client retention is something I pride myself on, but securing that first visit is something I am getting just as serious about!! Hope to see you soon.

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