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Trees That Don’t Handle Winter Well

Living in Canada, we’re all accustomed to dealing with the cold and harsh conditions a Canadian winter can bring. Our trees are no different. They too have the ability to adapt and protect themselves against the severe winter weather, but some trees are better equipped to do this than others.

Even though specific types of trees can be rated for cold climates, there are some that feel the effects of the weather more than others, and can become vulnerable during the winter season.

If you have any of the following trees on your property take an extra moment to evaluate how they faired over the winter and whether they need the attention of a professional tree service.

Manitoba Maple

These fast growing, large trees are known for having weak wood which can be compounded when the freezing and thawing that is common in this area occurs. This can lead to limbs snapping and breaking. If you lose a limb on a Manitoba Maple and it isn’t treated properly this species of tree is not known to compartmentalize wounds well, and therefore rot sets in.


When we think evergreen trees, we don’t necessarily think they could suffer during winter. They do after all stay green throughout the cold season. But cedar trees can be susceptible to the high winds that can accompany winter, and the weight of ice or heavy snow resting on their branches. Although cedar are known for their flexibility, there is a limit to the load they can take. These branches can become stretched and overextended, snapping in some cases or the tree actually bending over in others.


These trees are beautiful in the winter, their white bark is striking against a snowy backdrop. But even though these trees are capable of surviving Canadian winters; they too can be prone to limb damage, especially if we have a season with a heavy amount of ice build up.

If you have experienced any sort of damage to your trees over the winter, whether it be the above species or not, it is best to call the experts for an assessment. We can tell you what your trees need to thrive this upcoming spring. We offer fast and professional service within the York region, and would happy to come out and provide you with a free estimate. For more on our services check us out on FacebookInstagram, or TwitterContact us today. Or drop by and visit our booth at the Newmarket Home & Lifestyle Show coming up March 29-31, 2019.

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Matt Gladwin – Owner

Certified Arborist