4 Tips For Summer Tree Care

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During the hot summer days in Ontario, trees go into a type of conservation mode. They shut down to conserve energy in the event that they will have to go without water if we end up in a drought situation. Even though they are taking it easy, there are still things homeowners can do to make sure your trees stay healthy.

sequoia treescape tree service york regionCheck Trees For Branches Lacking Leaves or Unnatural Holes In The Trunk 

Healthy tree branches have leaves, it seems obvious. So when a limb of a tree is lacking in leaves it generally means they are facing some sort of distress and are on their way to being pruned and removed from the tree. A quick check of your trees should allow you to see if any of the limbs are low on leaves. With evergreens, you’re looking for needles that have turned brown, or limbs that have gone spindly and feel brittle. Deciduous trees, on the other hand, will have a lack of leaves and shoots along the branches. If it’s only one or two branches you are likely able to handle pruning and removing the limbs yourself. If a significant portion of the tree is lacking leaves if could mean something more is going on and you need the help of a qualified arborist near you to diagnose whether the tree can be saved or whether it will eventually need to be removed. 

Unnatural holes in your tree can be created by a number of things, birds, boring insects, disease, or trauma. The bark on a tree in much like our skin, it works as a protective layer for everything underneath. Holes in the bark of your tree can create a vulnerability, making it more susceptible to disease or destructive pests to invade. 

Examine Your Tree For Loose And Hanging Branches

It’s not uncommon for Ontario to be hit with at least a handful of heavy summers storms. Wind can be quite destructive to trees and lead to broken and hanging branches which can be dangerous to your family and your property. Pruning and removing loose limbs from your trees will not only prevent an accident but will help with the overall health of the tree. Depending on how big a broken limb is or where it is located on the tree it could be wise to consult with a local arborist in your area to assess the safest way to handle limb removal.

sequoia treescape local arboristWater, Water, Water

Summers in Ontario can go from one extreme to the other, from hot and humid days, to cool and blustery. It also means a fluctuating amount of rain. When there’s no rain in the forecast and we are moving into a drought situation it’s important to make sure you are giving nature a hand and watering your trees. Rather than watering them a little every day it’s actually a better strategy to give them a good long soaking once a week.

Consider Adding Mulch or Fertilizer To Promote Growth And Keep Moisture In

If your ground is particularly hard, or drainage causes water to run off, you might consider adding a mulch ring around the base of your trees to help lock in moisture for the roots of your tree. A mulch ring performs better when built in the springtime, but over the summer it’s important to keep an eye on it and keep it intact since they can end up disturbed by animals, lawnmowers, or just foot traffic. And for an added shot of nutrients, fertilizer can work wonders to promote healthy growth in your trees. An experienced arborist in your area can help you administer the fertilizer correctly to make sure it is as effective as possible.

Take care of your trees and they will offer your property shade and beauty for years to come. And if you need help with your trees in Newmarket, Aurora, Markham, or anywhere in York Region don’t hesitate to contact us at Sequoia TreeScape. We are the most trusted arborist near you, only one call away at (416) 770-8733.

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