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Structural & Aesthetic Pruning

Pruning is fundamental for safety, tree health & structural integrity, and allows some artistic license for beautification of the tree and property. You can read more about our tree trimming, tree cutting, and tree pruning on our service pages.

 Bracing & Cabling

Using wire cable, an Arborist can connect opposing limbs together to provide more uniformity in the movement of the tree canopy, and help support  branch unions that may be prone to splitting.


Complete Tree & Stump Removal

Sometimes a tree needs to be removed due to safety, health, aesthetics or storm damage reasons. We practice methods that allow minimum risk to the landscape by cutting the limbs and trunk into many pieces, and only “fell” a tree of small stature. You can learn more about our tree removal services here.


If you have a small tree or hedge that needs planting, we can do this in a safe and proper manner, giving the tree the best head start possible. Pick up at the nursery can be arranged if needed.

Arborist Reports

Arborist Reports are required for the removal permit application of any tree with a trunk width of 30 cm or greater at 1.4 m height, within the City of Toronto. Specific requirements change depending on your local bylaws, if you live outside of Toronto.

photo 2Deep Root Feeding

DRF is a process where a high quality synthetic nutrient solution is injected in to the root zone of trees. The product is injected in to the root zone under pressure, which helps aerate the soil, and get the fertilizer below grade to the feeder roots. DRF should be done when there is severe stress to trees, and should be followed by proper rich soil upgrading.

Project Landscape Services

Installation or upgrading of garden beds, plant materials. Seasonal installation of annuals. Complete aesthetic overhaul, including new sod, garden beds, or mulch application. You think it, we’ll work with it.

Pesticide Application

We treat all types of insect and disease issues that affect trees and other woody plants. All of our products are non-chemical and offer little to no harm to the property or environment.

We are now offering Treeazin, which is the only government approved treatment for the prevention of Emerald Ash Borer in Ash trees.


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