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As a homeowner in the Newmarket or Aurora, ON, area, you know that our Canadian winters are often accompanied with freezing temperatures that your central heating cannot always combat and/or frequent power outages where you have no heat at all. To ensure that you and your family are kept safe and warm, the best thing you can do is light a fire in your fireplace. If you would like to replenish your supply of firewood before the cold weather sets in, Sequoia TreeScape is here for you.

As your local tree care and firewood experts, we understand that simply cutting down a tree is not sufficient for it to be considered as proper firewood. The log must be allowed to sit in a well-ventilated area for several months in order for it to “age” prior to being used as an energy source. A properly aged log will create a brighter and warmer fire, which will produce significantly less smoke. Rest assured that all of our firewood is adequately prepared to keep you warm during the cold winter months!

Each type of tree that is used for firewood – be it maple, oak, apple, cherry, etc. – has its own advantages and disadvantages, and subsequently its own pricing. Please inquire for additional information: Pricing and delivery is available upon request.

If you live in the Newmarket or Aurora area, or anywhere in York Region, contact us today for all of your firewood needs! You can reach Sequoia TreeScape by phone at (416) 770-8733 or through our online contact form.

Firewood available in Newmarket ON

Firewood in Newmarket

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