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It can be difficult and quite costly to stay on top of heating your home during a cold Canadian winter.  The typically freezing temperatures that blast us in Ontario can put even the best heating systems to the test. And with heating costs on the rise, staying warm can put quite the dent in anyone’s bank account. A far more affordable and reliable heat source is good old-fashioned wood. If you have a fireplace in your home it is the perfect way to ensure that you and your family are kept safe and warm; even in the event of a power outage. At Sequoia TreeScape we sell top-quality firewood at fair pricing. Call (416) 770-8733 to order your cort or half-cort of firewood.

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Firewood For Sale Near You in York Region

firewood for sale Sequoia TreeScape arborist york regionIf you are looking to stock up on your firewood supply and you live in the York Region, Sequoia TreeScape is here for you. We are a local tree service company selling firewood in Newmarket, Aurora, Markham, Richmond Hill, and beyond. Sourced from locally felled trees; you can rest assured that you are receiving top-quality wood from near you to heat your home this season.

And as your local tree care and firewood experts, we understand that simply cutting down a tree is not sufficient for it to be considered as proper firewood. The log must be allowed to sit in a well-ventilated area for several months in order for it to “age” prior to being used as an energy source. A properly aged log will create a brighter and warmer fire, which will produce significantly less smoke. All of our firewood is cut, stacked and adequately prepared to keep you warm during the cold winter months!

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Using Hardwood VS Softwood for Firewood

firewood for sale Sequoia TreeScape arborist york regionIt is important to note when you are looking for firewood nearby, that there are different types of woods have different properties and thus they burn differently. Hardwoods, called this because of their dense nature due to their slow growth patterns, create a hot, long lasting fire. If they are aged correctly they also put out minimal smoke or sparks.  Hardwoods also create a hot bed of coals. This will give out a nice radiant heat for a long period of time; which is perfect for overnight heating of your home.  Because of these factors hardwood is considered the superior firewood choice for warming your home. Although softwoods do have certain advantages.

Because of the heavy density of hardwoods they take longer to dry out and to be ready to burn, compared to softwoods that are much lighter and can be ready to be used within a matter of months from when they are cut down.  Lightweight woods are also typically very resinous. This allows the wood to light easily and burn hot and fast, which in the winter when all you want is to get your fire going can be a bonus. Visually speaking, a softwood fire will also have large flames that crackle and spark to create a lovely ambiance. Softwoods make excellent kindling and because they dry faster and grow quicker when you see firewood for sale this will be the cheaper option.

Ideally, a combination of both hard and softwoods would be the perfect way to heat your York Region home.

Firewood For Sale Near You

If you are looking for firewood for sale in York Region contact us today at Sequoia TreeScape. We would be happy to help supply all of your firewood needs this season; or to answer any questions you might have about what kind of firewood type and the amount you need for your home! We are the best priced and highest quality firewood suppliers near you in Newmarket, Markham and the surrounding area. We can be reached by phone at (416) 770-8733 or through our online contact form. And don’t hesitate to ask us about our current firewood delivery offer.

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