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Protect Your Trees With Tree Cabling

Although trees are incredible living organisms occasionally they can have weak branch unions, the spot where two branches split apart from each other. If tree branches have suffered storm damage, haven’t been pruned adequately, their limbs are heavy from maturity, or they have a very tight union called “Included Bark” they can become susceptible to splitting or tearing. This is where two sections or trunks have been growing side by side for many years, and rot and decay inevitably occur inside their union.

Included bark is the #1 reason we cable trees and also the #1 reason for larger section failure in a tree. We discuss this frequently with our local tree service with clients. It is an inherent structural defect, but can be avoided if someone is lucky enough to begin proper pruning at a young age. When this isn’t the case your local Newmarket arborist, Sequoia TreeScape can help by using a technique called cabling.

What is Tree Cabling?

Tree cabling is the process of installing wire cables throughout the canopy of a tree and bolting the cables to stronger healthy limbs to help carry the load of weaker limbs. In this way, the tension throughout the limbs of the tree becomes better balanced, and you reduce the chances of a branch splitting away from the tree possibly causing property damage or hurting someone. When done correctly the tree cabling still allows the limbs of the tree to sway naturally in the wind, to prevent the cabling from actually doing damage.

Quality Tree Cabling Services in York Region

If you think you have a tree whose limbs could benefit from tree cabling, contact us here at Sequoia TreeScape. York Region’s leading tree removal experts near you. We understand each town or city’s forestry department has its own tree conservation by-laws, and we are familiar with the permit processes that are in place.

And if you are looking for emergency tree removal or a planned tree removal in Newmarket, Markham, Aurora, or the surrounding area, please give us a call at 416-770-8733 or reach out through our online contact form today. The team from Sequoia TreeScape looks forward to ensuring that your tree removal – big or small – is a success!