Tips For Winterizing Your Trees In Ontario

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We’ve already tasted our first dose of winter weather here in Southern Ontario, but for now, the snow seems to have melted away. For those looking to get their trees ready for winter that’s a good thing. As with anything, trees do best when they are prepared for the changing season. With that in mind, there are some helpful tips you can use when winterizing your trees.

Clean Up Your Yard Around Trees

fallen leaves can carry spores from pests and disease, to protect your trees from infestations or infections come springtime, try to rake up the rotten leaves that surround the area close to the tree.

Water Them Well Before The Ground Freezes

Trees need on average need around 10 gallons of water for every inch of the trunk’s diameter. Right before our Ontario winter sets in trees do a natural pull of nutrients and moisture from the ground through their roots, getting ready to move into a dormant state over winter, almost the same way bears bulk up before they hibernate. Giving your trees, especially young trees, a nice long drink at the end of fall, before the ground has had a chance to freeze can help your trees get ready for winter.

Get Your Trees Pruned By A Professional Arborist

Once the leaves are off the trees problem areas can become easily visible. It is at this time that we at Sequoia TreeScape can step in and clean up the dead or diseased limbs before they become a problem.

What Is Sunscald? And How Can You Protect Your Trees From It

Sunscald occurs when the winter sun thaws the moisture on a tree’s bark during the day, but then as temperatures drop again at night everything freezes up again and the cells in the tree’s bark actually rupture, causing a dead spot to appear on your tree’s trunk. The best way to protect from sunscald is to wrap your trees using a thin canvas, or plastic to shelter the tree’s exposed branches and bark from the harsh winter sun. If you are looking for an arborist to help wrap your trees for winter we would be more than happy to assist.

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