How Much Does It Cost To Remove A Tree in York Region?

Tree Removal Costs in York Region

One of the first things to figure out when you want to have a tree removed is, how much is it going to cost? If only there was a formula for ‘how much does it cost to remove a tree?’ However, because of the unique nature of each tree and property, you will find that pricing can vary quite a bit. Depending on the complexity of the job it could be as little as a few hundred dollars or as much as several thousand.

There are five main factors that we use at Sequoia TreeScape, your local Newmarket tree service company when preparing a quote for tree work on your property. It is helpful to know these factors when contacting any arborist company near you, as all of them will take them into consideration in one way or another.

1. The Number of Trees to be Removed

It probably seems obvious but the more trees you want to remove from your property the higher the cost. Each tree will be assessed individually for how difficult a job it will be to remove and then a quote including all tree removals will be put together for you. It is more economical to have multiple trees removed at once as opposed to having us come remove one tree and then coming back for a new job to remove another, almost like a package rate.

2. The Size of the Tree

This is one of the most important factors any qualified arborist in your area will use when determining the cost of your tree removal job. Both the height of the tree and the spread of the crown needs to be assessed. It can be hard to determine how tall your tree is just by eyeballing it, but a good rule of thumb is that a single-story house is typically around 15 feet tall, making a two-story house 30 feet and so on. If your tree is taller than your single-story home then you know it is at least 15 feet tall. Understandably, trees of that size will cost more than smaller trees.

Figuring out the cost to remove the canopy of a tree can be difficult. It is important to have any qualified arborist you plan on hiring to come and visually inspect the tree’s spread to see how thick or thin it is, and how wide it is. The wider the diameter of the canopy the higher the cost.

3. The Number of Obstacles Surrounding the Tree

If you have a tree in an open yard with no other obstacles surrounding it you are looking at a cheaper price tag than if it is hanging over your house, or neighbour’s house, a fence, pool, shed, vehicle, etc. This is because extra care is required to make sure that no limbs are taken down in the wrong spot causing damage to your property. If possible try to move as many things as you can, such as vehicles or lawn furniture, out of the way to save on the extra time it would take to work around those obstacles.

Trees close to telephone poles are hydro lines will especially cost extra. It is important when contacting tree companies in your area for a quote to disclose if your tree is near a power pole of some kind, as not all tree companies are comfortable working near high voltage.

4. The Accessibility of the Tree

Similar to obstacles raising the cost of tree removal in the York Region so is accessibility to the tree. A backyard removal will cost more than a front yard job, especially if the backyard is not accessible for the equipment required for the job such as the chipper. For example, if you live in a townhouse and the only way to get to your backyard is through your home it is going to be a much slower job and removal than if you have wide-open space that vehicles can drive right into. There is extra time involved in carrying out large sections of the tree and this causes the price to go up. Another terrain factor to consider is if a tree is not on flat ground, for example, the side of a steep embankment.

5. The Health and Condition of the Tree

A rotten, diseased, or dead tree can actually cost more to remove than a living one. This is because of the unpredictability of how the tree will behave when being taken apart. It is harder and more dangerous for an arborist to climb into a rotted tree since the integrity and strength of it have been compromised. Again it is something that is best assessed by an experienced arborist in person, rather than trying to explain over the phone or through email.

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At Sequoia TreeScape, we always provide a fair and honest quote for all tree work we recommend, and we do that by completing an onsite inspection of your tree and property. It’s the best way to determine the right cost for the amount of work necessary to not only remove your tree but protect your home, property and leave it looking better than when we arrived. If you need help with your trees in Newmarket, Aurora, Markham, or anywhere in York Region don’t hesitate to contact us at Sequoia TreeScape. We are the most trusted arborist near you, only one call away at (416) 770-8733.

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