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tree pruning newmarket ontario york region sequoia treescapePruning and trimming your trees is fundamental for safety, tree health & structural integrity, and allows some artistic license for the beautification of the tree. Remember that removing a tree from your property is a permanent step that cannot be undone. In some cases tree pruning is a fantastic alternative to reshaping your tree or reclaiming your space from an overgrown tree without actually removing the tree. And it towns that have strict bylaws about tree removal like Newmarket, Aurora, and Markham pruning your trees can be a way to still reduce the space your tree takes up without the headache of needing to get an arborist report done and a tree permit approved by the town.

What Is Tree Pruning?

Proper tree pruning or tree trimming is not just cutting off limbs of a tree haphazardly wherever you think you should but involves taking the overall size and structure of the tree into consideration, and creating a reshaping plan that will ultimately benefit the tree and help it to grow better. A full tree prune will involve the removal of dead and diseased wood, crossing/rubbing branches, and redundant branches. A full tree prune will open up the crown for better air and light penetration, reset a proper structure to the tree, leave the healthy dominant branches to grow, and allow for future growth in a safer and healthier tree.


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Why Prune Your Trees?

There are a number of reasons to prune a tree. Not only can it help with the aesthetics of the tree it can also boost its health and help it reach its full potential.

  1. To Remove Dead or Diseased Limbs – Removing dead limbs from your tree makes space for new healthy limbs and branches to grow, keeps them from rubbing against healthy areas of the tree causing further damage, and from unexpectedly falling on your house or potentially injuring someone.
  2.  Opens Up The Canopy – Trimming back certain limbs can create better airflow in the canopy and let more light in to help promote better and more healthy growth of the foliage of the tree.
  3.  Determine The Leader of The Tree – At the ground level of the tree suckers and water sprouts can steal nutrients and water from the main trunk of the tree. Eliminating these can help to strengthen the tree so that it will grow better and be able to withstand strong winds and storms.
  4. Safety on Your Property – Dead limbs will eventually fall out of your tree. It could take a wind storm or ice build-up but ultimately gravity will eventually do its job and bring those troublesome limbs down. The last thing you want is for them to fall on your house, car, or one of your loved ones. Having an arborist come to prune these dead limbs will ensure they are taken down correctly and safely.
  5. Better Looking Trees – Pruning allows trees to be shaped which can enhance the landscaping of your property. By removing unwanted limbs you can help control the shape of your tree and help it to grow straight and tall. A healthy tree is also lovelier to look at, a real thing of beauty.

tree pruning newmarket ontario york region sequoia treescape (1)Why Hire A Certified Arborist To Prune Your Trees?

Cutting the branches off of a tree can be a fairly small project, depending on the size of the tree and the scope of the number of limbs you want to remove. Many people try to tackle pruning their trees themselves, but there are many reasons why we always recommend getting an arborist to prune your trees.

Safety – First and foremost it is safer to help a licensed professional tree expert prune your trees. If you are looking to remove limbs that are above six feet and will require you to use a ladder or enter the canopy of the tree off the ground it is best to speak with an arborist about doing the job. They have years of experience and the proper equipment to climb into a tree and remove certain limbs safely. They will also assess the strength of the tree before climbing it to make sure it is healthy enough to support a person’s weight. Many people are needlessly injured every year from trying to DIY their tree pruning project.

Tree Health – Cutting the wrong limb of a tree can be detrimental to the tree’s health. It can leave the tree vulnerable to disease or pests, or cause the tree to suffer a mutation or stunted growth. An experienced arborist will look at the tree and determine the correct branches to remove to help the tree grow and stay healthy. While still taking into consideration the aesthetics of the pruning job.

Convenience – Although you might be about to handle a DIY tree pruning task yourself do you want to? A certified arborist and his or her team have the knowledge and experience to not only prune and trim your tree correctly but also quickly. Tree pruning tasks handled by a local arborist near you can be done in as little as a few hours and not only will the pruning be done but the brush and limbs will be dragged away and put in the chipper leaving you with no residual clean up of your yard.


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Where Sequoia TreeScape Offers Tree Pruning Services

Our team of experienced arborists are happy to assist you with any of your tree care needs whether that be tree removals, tree cabling, or tree pruning. If you are looking to have your trees pruned and live in the York region contact our office today about setting up your free estimate. We offering pruning services in the following locations:


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When you’re looking for a tree service near you to handle pruning whether it be to thin out your tree for aesthetic purposes or to remove dead or diseased limbs to take care of the health of your tree and to prevent an accident from occurring contact the tree experts at Sequoia TreeScape. We offer free estimates on all work to be completed and can come up with a pruning plan that will not only make your tree look better but will take into account the best way to take care of the health of the tree. And if you need tree removal in NewmarketAuroraMarkham, or anywhere in York Region don’t hesitate to contact us at Sequoia TreeScape. We are the most trusted arborist near you, only one call away at (416) 770-8733.

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