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Helpful Info About Your Trees

We all want to take care of our trees the best we can. Trees offer us so much besides just beauty in your yard. They offer shade, oxygen, privacy, food to eat (if you have a fruit tree). Below we offer a number of helpful tips and hints about common tree-related issues, like how to stack firewood, what you need to know about fruit trees, how much is tree removal, and more, because you should be able to find tree information easily. And if you are looking for tree work in your area don’t hesitate to contact us today for your free estimate.

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  1. Tips For Fall Tree Care

  2. How Trees Improve Your Property

  3. Five Best Fruit Trees To Grow In Ontario 

  4. Protecting Your Trees From Drought

  5. Best Shade Trees For Ontario

  6. Tips For Winterizing Your Trees In Ontario

  7. 4 Tips For Summer Tree Care

  8. Why Should You Prune Your Trees

  9. How Much Does It Cost To Remove A Tree in York Region?

  10. How To Stack Firewood Properly

  11. Live Edge Woodwork

  12. Tree Stump Removal

  13. Selling Your Home: Trees and Curb Appeal

  14. Dealing With the Emerald Ash Borer

  15. Golf Course Tree Care

  16. Trees That Don’t Handle Winter Well

  17. Spring: The Perfect Time for Tree Work

  18. High Winds = Storm Damage = A Big Headache


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