Fall Tree Care Tips

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Tips For Fall Tree Care

It’s important to take care of the trees on your property year-round and though it might seem because the leaves are falling off trees and they are ready to start hibernating that nothing needs to be done, in reality, the fall is the perfect time to do some maintenance and upkeep. Below our expert arborists have put together some helpful tips about how you can take care of your trees this fall.

Rake Leaves Away From Trees

One of the best things about fall is the vibrant colours that the leaves turn on and although these leaves are beautiful to behold once they fall to the ground and begin to decay. Decay is attractive to all sorts of fungi which can then lead to disease. When the spring thaw comes these decaying leaves that are left close to the tree can spread disease to your healthy trees. It’s best to rake them away from your trees.

Mulch or Fertilize The Area Around Your Trees

Fertilizer is a great way to give your trees a boost of nutrients before they go into their winter hibernation mode. Trees in urban settings are more likely to suffer from a lack of nutrients so taking the time to spread some fertilizer in a wide circle around the base of the trunk can go a long way. As can applying a moisture thick layer of mulch which can help protect your trees throughout the winter season.

Bonus Tip: When adding mulch make sure not to use fresh wood chips since they tend to have a higher acidity level.

Remember To Water Your Trees

The autumn season often has a number of wet days as the seasons change but it can still have a number of warm or even hot days as well. It’s important to make sure your trees are getting a good deep watering throughout the fall season so they can soak up as much moisture as possible before winter. Make sure to water the base around the tree, don’t worry about the leaves as they will be falling off anyway. It’s the roots you want to focus on.

Fall Is A Great Time To Plant New Trees

Because of the cooler temperatures fall is a great time to plant new trees on your property. They have less of a chance of drying out or being scorched by the skin. They are also moving into a dormant state so they can slowly get used to their new setting and be ready for new growth in the spring.

Examine Your Trees For Splits or Cracks

Once the leaves have fallen to the ground you can get a better look if any damage has occurred throughout the summer season. Particularly pay attention to any joints or places where branches split off from the trunk as these can suffer weakness and be susceptible to breakage. If you notice any branches that looked cracked or stressed it’s best to contact a qualified arborist in your area to take a look and see if they might need to be removed.


Whether you are looking to plant new trees on your property, prune your existing trees, or even remove troublesome trees before the winter comes the tree experts here at Sequoia TreeScape can help. With over 20 years of experience in tree work, we have the knowledge and expertise to handle any tree issue you could be dealing with. If you are looking for tree work or a tree removal near you then contact us today for your free estimate. The Sequoia TreeScape team is only one call away at (416) 770-8733.

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