How Trees Improve Your Property

4 Ways That Trees Improve Your Property tree experts near you sequoia treescape

In Ontario we are blessed to have a wide variety of trees, from glorious red maples, to towering pines, dramatic birch trees to Christmas-y spruce trees. There are actually around 85 native tree species spread out in forests all throughout Ontario. And each of these different types of trees is able to do different things for your yard, but how exactly do trees affect your yard?

4 Ways That Trees Improve Your Property tree experts near you sequoia treescape4 Ways That Trees Improve Your Property

There are a number of ways that trees can make your property better but they break into four main categories.


When you live in an urban environment like Newmarket, Aurora, Richmond Hill, or other York region city centers you are probably used to having neighbours nearby. No matter how well you might get along with those neighbours it’s always nice to be able to enjoy your own private space. Trees are a fantastic way to create a natural boundary between your property and the ones surrounding you. Depending on the types of trees you plant they can fan out and create a sort of fence, while others can create a beautiful canopy that covers your yard nicely. Generally speaking the best trees for privacy screening are evergreen or coniferous trees such as spruce, cypress, or cedar trees since they don’t shed leaves throughout the year and can grow quite full and lush. Common trees in Ontario that work well to create a privacy canopy include maples, birch, chestnuts, and for extreme privacy the weeping willow.

Shade And Energy Savings

A thick tree canopy can do a fantastic job to create a lovely shaded area in your backyard. Relief from the direct rays of the sun makes spending time outside much more enjoyable. Trees can not only help to provide shade in your yard though they actually have the ability to help reduce the energy consumption of your home. Strategically placed trees can create a barrier between your home and the sun, this barrier can lower the temperature of the outside of your home by up to 10 degrees. That cooler exterior will translate to a cooler interior as well allowing your home’s air conditioning system to not have to work so hard.

Protection From Soil Erosion

From top to bottom trees have the ability to protect the surrounding yard that they are planted in. Underground, their roots will fan out helping to bind the soil together and protecting against soil erosion, especially on a property that is graded on a hill. Up top, a thick canopy of leaves can help protect soil from being washed away by hard rainstorms. This is particularly true when there is rainfall after a dry spell and the ground and soil have grown extra dry.

Curb Appeal

Trees are actually proven to improve the value of your property. Healthy trees that are well cared for are not only beautiful and make your landscape enjoyable to look at, but they also signal to potential buyers that you care for your property making them more likely to want to buy it. Studies have shown that people who spend money on their landscaping and plant trees will typically see at least 100% return on their investment, definitely money well spent.

Caring For Your Trees In York Region

Whether you are looking to plant new trees on your property, prune your existing trees, or even remove troublesome trees to make room to replant and change the way your landscaping looks the tree experts here at Sequoia TreeScape can help. With over 20 years of experience in tree work we have the knowledge and expertise to handle any tree issue you could be dealing with. If you are looking for tree work or a tree removal near you then contact us today for your free estimate. The Sequoia TreeScape team is only one call away at (416) 770-8733.

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