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Live Edge Woodwork

Live edge woodwork, also known as natural edge woodwork is all the rage at the moment. These beautiful and unique pieces are designed in a simplistic style. One that pays homage to the natural textures and lines of the trees that are being used. As the name suggests; the edges of the wooden slabs are kept raw, unfinished and allowed to retain their original bends and curves. This style creates a kind of oneness with nature and when used in decor in the correct spaces can really add a dramatic element to any space.

Typically the live edge slabs are cut to desired thickness on a mill, and allowed to dry over a period of time. Then their tops are sanded and treated with a polyurethane. This seals the wood, prolonging it’s life and giving it a coat of protection. A shellac coat can also be applied to give the slabs. This gives it a glossy finish that stands out so nicely against the roughness of edges.

Once the live edge wood slab is treated and ready to be used you have a myriad of options of how to incorporate them into any design. They make gorgeous benches, side tables, fireplace mantels, dining room and coffee tables. And since different trees carry different coloring, textures, and lines you have to ability to match to whatever style or color palette you are working with.

Live Edge Woodwork Near You

New this season Sequoia TreeScape is offering live edge woodwork in York region. The pieces are all from removals in the nearby area. They are taken to our shop and then milled and allowed to dry in our woodworking barn. This allows for minimal sun and maximum wind exposure, ideal drying conditions. If you live in or around the York region and are interested in purchasing a live edge slab for a custom construction project, don’t hesitate to contact us. We offer many different sizes, thicknesses and species of trees.

For more information on our live edge wood slabs and woodwork like custom charcuterie boards check out our page by clicking here.

And if you are looking for tree work or a tree removal in Aurora, Newmarket, or any nearby areas, contact us today. The Sequoia TreeScape team is only one call away at (416) 770-8733. And for more on our services check us out on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter.

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