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Selling Your Home: Trees and Curb Appeal

It’s that time of year; when you’ll start to see an influx of ‘For Sale’ signs on the fronts of different properties. As someone who has sold their home in the last year, I can attest to the fact that winter can be a bit bleak for showings and open houses. Everyone seems to be in hibernation mode. And the weather is such a factor both in ease of mobility and affecting how a property looks. And we all know when it comes to selling a home, first impressions as VERY important.

Now that the warmer spring temperatures are on their way, the grass is getting lush, and leaves are starting to bud people begin to have the itch to look for greener pastures. According to Forbes magazine, May is the best month of the year to try to sell your home. Historically it is the month that will yield the largest premium on estimated market value for sellers. There are multiple factors that play a part in how well your home will do when you list, and as it turns out good-looking trees fall under three of the five categories given by Listing Spark’s The 5 most important factors when selling your home.

Show Readiness: How Do Your Trees Look?

This is also known as curb appeal. When a potential buyer pulls up to your home that very first view of your property sets off the tone of how a showing will go. If you have trees obscuring the sightlines of your home, branches that look ready to break (or are even broken already), or simply an overgrown look to your property this is going to hurt your chances with prospective buyers. Hiring a certified arborist to deal with potential tree issues and trim them up so that they are looking their best can make a huge difference. It is estimated that proper landscaping can help improve the selling value of your home anywhere from 5-20%.

The Little Things: What Caring for Your Trees Says to Buyers

It might seem silly but proper tree care can actually send a very powerful positive message to potential buyers. When you take the time and money to make sure your trees are cared for well in lets buyers know that you care for your property. No one wants to buy a lemon, a home riddled with hidden issues just waiting to be discovered. Healthy, trimmed and pruned trees explain to buyers that proper maintenance and routine upkeep has been a priority to the seller. It truly can be the thing that tips the scales for getting your home sold.

Marketing: It’s All In the Look

We live in a digital age; buyers can tour dozens of homes from the comfort of their living room simply by scrolling through MLS. This means to do your best selling your home it needs to look its best, both in person and online. Quality images that show your property in its very best light really do have a significant impact on whether buyers will take the next step of booking a walk through or whether they’ll just keep on scrolling. This includes beautiful pictures of your property and the landscaping.

At Sequoia TreeScape we can get your trees looking their very best both physically and digitally. This year we are proud to share our ‘curb appeal offer.’ We currently have a professional photographer on our crew. For any jobs accepted that are specifically about upping curb appeal to sell your home we will take three exterior ‘after’ shots for you to use in your listing showcasing your home, yard, property and trees at their very best. Simply mention curb appeal when booking your free quote with us.

If you are looking to sell your home this season, and looking for a certified arborist near you, don’t hesitate to contact us at Sequoia TreeScape. We can handle any removals swiftly and professionally, trim and prune trees to get them looking their best, or consult on possible landscaping and tree upgrades. Contact us to set up your free estimate. We offer fast and expert service within the York region. For more on our services check us out on FacebookInstagram, or TwitterContact us today.

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