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Professional Stump Grinding Services in Newmarket, ON

Are you looking to have a stump removed from your yard? Whether a tree sustains disease or storm damage and needs to be removed by a professional arborist near you often left behind is an unsightly stump. Tree stumps can not only destroy the aesthetic appeal of your property and also create a major danger for the surrounding trees and shrubs alike with the potential for bugs and disease to invade. And who wants to risk shame and/or a lawsuit if your elderly grandmother or the mailman trips over the stump in your yard?

Attempting to remove the troublesome tree stump on your own can be a difficult undertaking without the right knowledge and equipment. This is where Sequoia TreeScape, experienced arborist and stump grinding service near you comes in. We are a dedicated provider of stump grinding services to Aurora, Newmarket, and surrounding York Region homeowners.

Our team is closely familiar with the implications of leaving a tree stump in the ground once the tree itself is gone: In addition to the tripping hazards, an old stump that begins to decay can invite fungal growth and unwanted pests. It can also spread disease to the healthy greenery on your property. That is why stump grinding is a highly recommended part of our removal process.

Tree Stump Grinding in Newmarket and York Region

Continual advancements in tree care have made stump grinding significantly quicker and more effective, as compared to the process of removing the tree stump along with its vast root system beneath. Stump grinding is a process by which a stumping machine is utilized to grind the stump to 8″ below ground level. Then, the remaining hole is filled in with wood shavings or dirt, thereby allowing the remains to decompose naturally without further harm to your property. When we grind tree stumps we work to make sure that your yard is left looking the best it possibly can.

You can count on the skill and expertise of Sequoia TreeScape to perform all stump grinding work with minimal effects on the aesthetics of your landscape. Furthermore, we never fail to obtain all relevant permits that may be required by your city’s bylaws.

If you are looking for professional stump grinding in Aurora, Newmarket, or any nearby areas, we welcome you to contact us today. The Sequoia TreeScape team is only one call away at (416) 770-8733, ready to make your outdoor space safe and healthy once more!

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