Tree Stump Removal

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Removing your unwanted or unhealthy trees is just the first step. Once they are gone those pesky tree stumps can get in the way. There are many reasons to go forward with a tree stump removal; and it is especially helpful to contact a certified arborist near you if you are looking to get rid of your tree stumps.

Why You Should Remove Your Tree Stumps

Aesthetically tree stumps are an eyesore. The most common reason people contact us to remove their tree stumps is because of the unsightliness of a tree stump just sticking out of the middle of their yard. Grass grows up all around which is difficult to maintain, and little shoots will often sprout again from the stump, called suckers, as the tree makes a last ditch effort to regrow. All of these bits of growth end up looking shabby, and are typically unwanted by homeowners.

The next reason is that tree stumps are a tripping hazard. Depending on where a tree has been removed, stumps can poke out at inopportune locations in your yard. If you are walking with your arms full, or at night when visibility is an issue it doesn’t take much to catch your foot on the stump and end up injuring yourself. Or if you are having a backyard party one of your guests can easily trip over a stump; and that can quickly ruin any outdoor event.

Not only can stumps be a hazard to us; but they can cause issues for the healthy trees and shrubs in your yard. Tree stumps can spread decay, grow dangerous fungi, and invite unwanted pests like termites, beetles, or carpenter ants. And once a stump has been infected issues will almost always spread to healthy growth in your yard.

Why You Need A Professional to Remove Your Tree Stumps

If you do a quick search online about how to deal with tree stumps tons of DIY options will come up. Anything from burning the stump to wrapping a chain around it and tugging; but with almost all of these options there is a sense of chaos, and a high probability of something going wrong. This will inevitably cause property damage or injury. When you hire a professional arborist to remove your tree stump you know it will be done correctly.

At Sequoia TreeScape we include stump grinding as part of the services we provide to you. It is a significantly quicker and more effective way to remove tree stumps and their vast root systems. Stump grinding is a process by which a stumping machine is utilized to grind the stump to 8″ below ground level. Then, the remaining hole is filled in with wood shavings or dirt. Thereby allowing the remains to decompose naturally; without further harm to your property, and with minimal impact on the aesthetics of your landscape.

If you are looking for tree stump removal in Aurora, Newmarket, or any nearby areas, contact us today. The Sequoia TreeScape team is only one call away at (416) 770-8733, ready to make your outdoor space safe and healthy once more! And for more on our services check us out on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter.

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Certified Arborist