Fruit Tree Care

Fruit Tree Care

Are you wondering how to create adequate conditions for the fruit trees on your property? Do you want to know when and how to prune fruit trees? If your answer is yes and you live anywhere in the Newmarket or Aurora areas, your ideal solution is to contact a professional tree service, Sequoia TreeScape.

Ontario Fruit Trees for your Property

Fruit trees can be a great addition to your household, providing aesthetic appeal when in full bloom and an organic snack when the fruits are ripe. The most common fruit tree varieties available in Ontario are apple and crab apple trees, but you can also find pear, plum, cherry and sour cherry, peach and many other varieties of fruit trees. In order to be able to enjoy all the benefits of your fruit tree, it is important to care for it properly:

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For more information or to request maintenance for your fruit trees in Newmarket, Aurora or York Region, contact Sequoia TreeScape today! You can reach your local tree experts at (416) 770-8733 or through our online contact form.